fredag 7 januari 2011


This morning I was bored out of my skull. No films to watch and not a good book in sight. Then the Internet can be a source of distraction. I ended up on the Guess webpage, which advertising I have always liked. When you buy clothes, something for the home or a car you don't just do it for the design or the price tag. You buy the brand, the image of what the brand entails and what that image does for your own image.

You want the mood of the company's advertising to rub off on you. Successful marketing and advertising can make a product hot and sought after. But as a company you have to deliever on your promises. When it comes to clothes they look a certain way in the shop, and a certain way in advertising or on the Internet and these different ways don't necessarily have to corrolate. Cheap mail order clothes can look great in the catalogue but in real life it can be entirely different. When I looked at the clothes on the webpage of Guess I didn't exactly get a wow-feeling.

How can a company with such a sexy image make such dull clothes?


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