torsdag 13 januari 2011


Kylie Minogue. This pint sized pixie has been a fixture in the limelight for almost as long as I can remember. The pictures of her out there in cyberspace are plentiful and they show that she has changed her look more than once. We are talking about more likely 1001 times. We like stars who reinvent themselves and I truly love a chameleon, and when it comes to this, Kylie takes the cake. She has done her mistakes naturally. Remember her early Stock, Aitken, Waterman period? Yiikes!! On the other hand none of us looked particularily good style wise in the end of the 1980s.
When she turned her back on "the girl next door" look and turned into a sex kitten the style was much better. After leaving SAW she embarked on a musical journey which led to a better credibility, and one of my favourite songs, Confide in Me. In the late 1990s Kylie's carrer slumped but was significantly revitalized in the year 2000 with the single Spinning Around and rocketed even higher with the album "Fever" and the single Can't Get You Out of My Mind which reached number one in 40 countries.

She is an Aussie which doesn't make matters worse since I have always felt that the Australians are very nice people. I suppose I have been a bit partial to the ones from "down under" ever since I lost my virginity to an Aussie.

Miss Minogue has carved herself a prominent niche in history when it comes to both music and style.

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