tisdag 25 januari 2011

The Film Awards in Stockholm, Sweden

Yesterday was the time for the annual Film Awards in Sweden, Guldbaggegalan. I saw today pictures from the webpage finest. se of Swedish celebrities of different dignities. Jeans as you see above don't fly at an award ceremony. Go back home, redo and do better.

The designer Lars Wallin and his friend were the only ones I could find that resembled an ounce of glamour. I like her dress. His suit and shoes are nice but where the f**k is the bow tie?

The actress Helena looks stylish but it feels too plain and too nice. Unfortunately.

Sometimes a picture really says more than a thousand words.

Okay for a cocktail party but not an award ceremony. Not according to my opinion.

Ouch! Nuff said.
I am fully aware of that Sweden is not Hollywood but I can't escape the fact that I miss the Eton tuxedo shirts, Versace dresses and shoes from Christian Louboutin.

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