onsdag 19 januari 2011

Celebrity Perfumes

I can't really say why but I can't stand celebrity perfumes. Who in their right mind would buy a perfume just because Paris Hilton stamped her name on it?? Yes, they are famous. They are a brand in their own right. (We have to make a huge exception for Laila Bagge when it comes to thar point. Brand? Role Model? You must be kidding!) They have a fan base. Mind blowing but obvious. A company have decided that there is money to make if they slap a star and all that comes with him or her on a product. Hopefully the stars have some input in how it smells and packaging and the rest. If the perfume tanks it is their own personal brand on the line. There is also an inflation in this phenomenom and today it feels like every A, B, C, and D-star is flogging their own perfume. If it is sold and they can earn a quid or two all the more power to them, but this is not for me.
I would never buy them, not even if I thought that they smelled nice.

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