fredag 6 maj 2011

Pierre et Gilles

I think that the duo Pierre et Gilles is brilliant. Pierre Commoy and Gilles Blanchard met in the 1970s and became a couple and working partners. Pierre is the photographer and Gilles is the painter and tthey work together and do this amazing images. They are very stylised and have the feel of religious iconic pictures. They have their own studio, make their own sets and costumes and also use a lot of retouching which makes their subjects look unearthly and saint like. Today they are renowned and have been rewarded for their work. Early on they worked with other artists like Mikado and Marc Almond. Celebrities flock to have their persona transformed and illuminated for prosterity. A few that can be mentioned are Jean-Paul Gaultier, Rupert Everett, Kylie Minouge and Madonna.


Pierre et Gilles

I would absolutely love to have my picture taken by Pierre et Gilles!!


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