måndag 23 maj 2011

Gyms, Men and Peacocks

A gym can be a fascinating place to watch people and watch what they do. I don't mean that in a sexually arousing way, I mean their habits.

We work out for our health but another important factor is to look better in our clothes and be more attractive to the opposite sex, or the same sex as the case may be. Men and women in a gym behave differently. Men feel the need to show that they can benchpress massive amounts of kilos. When they have finished, dreesed in their regular clothes and walk past the mirrors they always look at their mirror image.

In the changing rooms older men are more accustomed to their bodies and have faced the facts of gravity and more or less let everything hang out. Younger guys wrap themselves in towels, wriggle out of their underwear and head to the showers. I find it a bit weird because when they get to the actual showers they have to discard their towel anyway and show themselves as God created them. Because of that their little ritual seems more like a waste of time.

But no matter the age we male humans are just like the male species of any animal. We preen, we pluck and fuss to make us as an attractive apperance as possible.

We are peacocks ....


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