torsdag 19 maj 2011

Hugo Boss Fall Collection 2011

For some reason I have always liked the fall collections more than the spring equivalent. I find more clothes that I want to buy in the autumn. In Sweden summer is closing in and will hopefully bask us in sunshine (not that I will be there to enjoy it, I will be elsewhere) and warmer clothes is not exactly on the top list of priorities. Of course I will make exceptions for a label like Hugo Boss which can actually inplant a yearning for darker and colder times with their collection to come.

Since I'm of German descent (among other things) I suppose the German aesthetics appeals to me. No frills, nu fuss. Just good and tailored classic pieces. Makes me very happy at least.

A bit of red puts a bit of glory to any collection and that colour fits my personality since people usually describe me as stubborn, intense and, let's not forget, brave.

Leather pants is an item that never has been a part of my wardrobe but I know one or two people who get turned on by them .... literally .... *sighs*.


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