fredag 27 maj 2011


Black has for a long, long time been my favourite colour. Can't explain why. I just like it. Is it because it is slimming? Is it because it matches my soul? Who knows? We don't need an explanation for everything in life, or perhaps we do? Black could be the reason and explanation for many things.

Black is for sorrow and for mourning, at least in the western culture. We dress in black when we say goodbye to a loved one and we have learned that that colour should represent our sadness. Black is also for cool. If you dress in black you are cool. One blogger which I can't remember the name of said that it is drab and boring if a person dresses in black from head to toe. I disagree, totally. It is cool to be completely black, especially if it is summer. What could be cooler than to dress in black in the summer heat and still give the impression of being cooler than a summer's breeze.

No need for discussions, no need for contemplation ... I choose to surrender to the darkness ...


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