måndag 2 maj 2011

Dress Sense

As I said in my last posting I did a spot of clubbing saturday night. I don't have the need to get intoxicated as perhaps I did in my twenties which gives me the opportunity to look around more. I love watching people, how they act and what they wear. When you are sober that is easier to do. While chatting with my friends and some other people my eyes were constantly scanning the room. There were quite a lot of fodder to scrutinize. I would think that it amounted to about one percent of the gathered people that I thoght was dressed nicely. The scenario is as follows I believe; they have at one time or another been out shopping and found something that they feel is desireable. On the evening in question like last saturday they have been standing in front of the mirror, put on what they consider to be their best club gear and made themselves as pretty as they possibly could and .....

oh dear ......


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