söndag 22 maj 2011

Family History

I suddenly remembered something yesterday. The funny thing is that my father brought it up as well. Like minds think alike. Isn't that what they say? What we both thought about was a story I was first told when I was nine years old.

The story was about two uncles of my paternal grandfather. The two brothers emigrated to America and experienced different fates. One became a bluecollar worker and the other started a successful company in the dairy business. The latter one married a native American woman and had two sons. He gave his sons fast sports cars. They both died in a car accident.

It sounds like a fairytale but is apparently true. When I was nine I had a picture of Indians which I had got from the Western movies. I thought it was really cool that I had had relatives that were Indians.

I feel a sudden urge to fill in the blanks and write a book about it .....


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