tisdag 24 maj 2011

Life Hurts

Yes, life hurts. It seems like it is supposed to. Perhaps it is a way to know that we are truly alive? Then of course there are different degrees of pain just as there are different levels of hell. A starving child cannot be compared to a broken heart. On the other hand we don't measure pain through others but in comparison to what we have experienced before.

Then I honestly think that life should hurt a little. Better that then not living at all. You have to taste the dark just as well as the light and then choose the path that you see fit for yourself. You will inevitably meet people that will cause you pain, excrutiating pain but you will also meet people that will make you feel like you have touched the sun and kissed an angel.

We are so worried and waste so much energy on what other people might or might not think about ourselves. We worry so much about how we look and if we are attractive to others that we eat a hole in our souls. A friend of mine wrote something like this on facebook;

"Stop worrying about wrinkles, aching bones and other shit. Life is NOT supposed to be a journey with the goal to reach the grave with as a preserved body as possible, but rather slide in from the side with a bar of chocolate in one hand and a glass of wine in the other and with a body .... that has been thoroughly used ... completely worn out and in the mean time scream; 'WOOHOO, what a hell of a ride!!!' "

I think she completely hit the mark. Life might hurt sometimes but it is supposed to be lived!!!


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