lördag 31 december 2011

New Year

A few hours are left of 2011, at least from where I'm sitting. We look back at what has happened in 2011 and also take a glance at what might lay in the year ahead.

For me it has been a productive year with many new assignments and new contacts. This year I got to add columnist and editor to my CV, and I suppose fashion blogger is also on the list.

This has also led to personal growth and new insights of who I am. I actually like the person I am, flaws and all even though there is one or two that I would like to rectify. A mission for 2012 I suppose. There must always be growth and progress.

And to all of you, where ever you are in the world, who read this blog - Thank You! I hope it gives you some amusement.

Finally, to all of you - Happy New Year!


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