fredag 2 december 2011

Absolutely Fabulous

When I lived in London in the glorious 1990s BBC started airing Absolutely Fabulous. We sat there religiously in front of the screen every week and since we all were students of fashion, journalism and art this was right up our alley. Created by Jennifer Saunders and Dawn French with Saunders as one of the lead characters, Edwina Monsoon. It was a big hit and we got live through quite some seasons of design and decadence.

Joanna Lumley who through her career usually had played cool upperclass ladies got a huge break from the type casting and a huge success playing the lush, Patsy Stone.

It was over the top and twisted to the hilt in a comic fashion that only the British can master. Designer labels flew through the air like bullets from a machine gun and Lacroix got mentioned so often that the free publicity for his label was enormous.

Absolutely Fabulous was about two crazy, funloving women who would have been hilarious to party with, had they existed in real life.


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