måndag 2 januari 2012


Now we write 2012. A new year with new opportunities and possibilities. And according to the Mayan calender we only have some months left to live. In that case we need to make the most of them I suppose. No matter if this planet is going under in eleven months or in a millenia we need to live in the now.

2011 was an eventful year for me. I saw parts of the world that I hadn't seen before (and thus fulfilled the gypsy's prophesy for me). I got new titles and new work. I got two great ideas that I will develop further in 2012. Dreams and goals should always be pursued.

2011 was also a year of love and friendship. I can carry great memories with me from the past year which hopefully will give me energy in this one. Where there is light there is also darkness and even though I walked out of it stronger doesn't mean that it didn't involve pain and lots of it. My best friend calls him the unmentionable.

This evening I cried. Finally .....

Cried over cowardly acts, words with double meaning, harsh remarks and bitchiness, words that should have been said and words that shouldn't have been said. Cried over that sometimes love isn't enough and over a broken heart that has yet to be fully mended.

But the light and the love in me prevails.


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