tisdag 13 december 2011


It is a bit odd but nature creates copies. People who look very much the same without any known relations between the different parties. It's scary but I also suppose it shows that we as humans are very much alike. Above we have Susan Sullivan, born in 1942 in New York and known from Falcon Crest and Dharma & Greg. Below we have Karen Grassle, born in 1942 in Berkely California and known from The Little House on the Prairie. At least to me they look very much alike.

Two years later in 1944, on the other side of the world my mother was born and she too looks very much like the two women above.

When I lived in London, barely out of my teens, I watched reruns of Falcon Crest and on Sunday mornings reruns of The Little House on the Prairie. It was comforting.

I saw my mother.


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