onsdag 29 december 2010

Tanya Chalkin

One of my friends of old, Tanya Chalkin, has carved herself a nice bit of reputation as a photographer. Back in the Stone Ages she went to London College of Printing and I attended London College of Fashion. Her picture, The Kiss, has become a cult picture and a production company is developing a film inspired by the photograph. You go, girl!! And I am eagerly awaiting your coffee table book.

Tanya was a real laugh and a pleasure to be with. I remember when me, Tanya and her girlfriend Jo walked down Kings Road hand in hand. It was to make it easier for them to hold hands in public. I guess I was their beard. :-) I have lots of memories from that time. Remember, Tanya?

Ralph West Halls of Residence, 49 Hambalt Road, getting pissed at The Windmill, me and Jo mooning outside of that restaurant, clubbing at Raw and Heaven, pigouts in front the telly, lighting fireworks at Clapham Common, eating hamburgers in the middle of the night in the middle of Oxford Street, running inbetween moving traffic on the way to the pub ....

We were young and thought ourselves to be invincible .... and it was one hell of a ride.


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