måndag 20 december 2010

Paul Smith

I went to Paul Smith's webpage today and found some mouth watering pieces. A nice dark blue cardigan. The only thing I don't like about is that it has pockets. According to me a cardigan should never have pockets. You can never have anything in them anyway. It would look ridicolous. Why place pockets where they make your midriff look wider. Only something a person with a 29 inch waist can get away with. Personally I would have to crack my pelvis bone to get into a pair of 29 inch jeans.
Apart from the cardigan I also found a pair of blue suede shoes. I like the colour and the stitching but the soles of the shoes could have been slightly darker. As you have gathered by now, I am a picky customer. But the little (what I consider to be) faults are remidied by their blue colour, which is and has always been my favourite colour.

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