tisdag 14 december 2010

The Grandma of Punk

One of the designers that I have admired for a long time is Vivienne Westwood. She truly has her own unique way of expressing herself. After dressing the Sex Pistols she will always be one of the ultimate definitions of punk.

You can never escape the fact that what is shown on the catwalk would be more suited for a costume party than everyday life but that needs to be forgiven. What is shown is an image more than an actual reality. It is a clever building of a brand. It's art. It's a fantasy.

Surf by her webpage and see the wondrous universe which is Vivienne Westwood.

And take a closer look at this image.

The funny thing is that a man can look hot in a kilt. Well, or not but I suppose it comes handy in some situations.


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