tisdag 29 november 2011

Love, Relationships and Selfdoubt

Watching a television show where some more or less famous Swedish people dicuss together. One of them is Andreas Lundstedt who is openly gay and hiv-positive. He is a handsome man and that doesn't change because he has a virus coarsing through his veins.

It can be hard to find love and sustain a relationship, and I suppose it is harder still when you have a disease no matter if it is visible or not. One of the worst diseases is not fatal nor contagious. It is the disease of the mind, that we are not worthy of love. That we, no matter how symmetrical our faces are, feel ugly and don't believe that we could conjur up the tiniest of tenderness and love in another human being.

It actually needs to start with ourselves. No matter how conceited it may sound we need to love ourselves in order to be able to love another. When you have stared death in the face and survived to tell the tale you embrace yourself with all the good and all the bad. If you couldn't before you now like the person you are and can freely give love to someone else ...

... no matter if they have the ability to love you back or not ...


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  1. Definitely agree. Accepting and loving yourself allows then other people to feel the same.