onsdag 16 november 2011


Chado Ralph Rucci

All my life I have been a lover of blue and I still am. But the last year I have grown more and more to like RED. It is the colour that is said to attract the most attention and I suppose it suits my personality at the moment because I relish the attention, so bring it on. Who could not love such a happy colour as red, and apparently lots of designers have it in their fall collection this season as you can see from the pictures. And we are closing up to Christmas, where the ultimate holiday colour is red, at least if you are Scandinavian. Go out there and get yourself a red infusion in your wardrobe.

Elie Tahari

Farah Angsana

Gianfranco Ferré


Jill Sander

Victor & Rolf


Red, Bloody Red .....


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