onsdag 30 november 2011

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig ozzes maculinity and he was the one who brought back some oomph into James Bond. His first film Casino Royale I thought was excellent but even a good and charismatic actor can have his bad days, and in this case Daniel's second try as our favourite spy in Quantum of Solace was crap from beginning to end. Let's hope for the third which is to be called Skyfall if I remember correctly, where agent 007 will be playing with reinstated characters like MoneyPenny and Q.

Daniel Craig is man who wears nice and stylish clothes both off and on screen, but as we can see he looks quite good even without much fabric on. If men could portray half of what this English actor is channeling out towards us the world would be our oyster.

Somebody, give me a napkin. I'm drooling.


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