torsdag 1 september 2011

Tiger of Sweden, Fall 2011

Here are two pieces from Tiger of Sweden that can be found in shops at the moment. I like the colour and the pattern. They are made of 100 % wool and show proof of good tailoring. If you are going splash out about £300 on jacket it needs to be nicely tailored. If you want to add the pants that will be an extra £150. Personally I think that both jacket and trousers in this particular pattern will be a bit too much. I suppose it depends on the occasion you are going to wear it but if you are not impersonating the chair man of a British book club you can give this a miss. I would suggest you buy the jacket and mix it with a pair of chinos, either red or of a clear blue colour. No matter if you go with red or blue chinos combine with a light, light blue shirt, preferably from Eton Shirts, and finish the whole thing of with dark blue loafers.


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