tisdag 27 september 2011


A time for contemplation is always needed at stages in life. To apreciate the good things like the people you love. To revise the error of your ways, like treating yourself with no selfworth or lacking the convition to rid yourself of energy thieves, the people that for some reason treat you like yesterday's garbage. If you owe yourself anything it is the favour of standing proud of who you are and giving love where it is needed and only letting the people who have your best interests at heart into your life. That can sometimes be the hardest lesson to learn. That you are worth something and that the ones who take no consideration to you and your feelings (despite the fact that they profess to do so) are to be discarded.

Human relations are by far the toughest, and sometimes it is better to stand alone than to choose a path where you are chained to someone who cheapens your soul.


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