fredag 2 september 2011

Givency Fall 2011

My attention was caught by this ensemble from Givenchy when I read ID Magazine. I like the skirt but then I have always liked strong prints. The top on the other hand I would like to throw in the nearest cinder. The 80s is back with a vengenance but having your bra on display like Madonna in her heyday is not really a viable option, at least not if it is style you are aiming for. If it is massive attention you want then go full throttle. I imagine the model in knee high, black boots with a considerable heel, a black and snug tailored jacket topped off with a black man's hat. Voila, we have a power woman.

The above image belong to the advertising campaign for Givenchy's fall collection 2011. Since the mid 1990s homoeroticism and lesbian chic have frequented the marketing of clothes quite regurlarily. Apparently it is still tantalizing even though we write 2011. If it now creates a stir and sells more clothes all the more power to you, but personally I risk falling asleep.


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