måndag 16 januari 2012

Grace Jones - Icon

Grace Jones - and the ones who don't know who she is has lived in a cookie jar for the past thirty years - is an icon of unique and individual style. The Jamaican-American singer, actor, model born in 1948 is in a league of her own. She has been the muse of Andy Warhol and Azzedine Alaia, acted in the Bond flick A View to a Kill and has had hit records on the US and UK charts to just mention two.

Her androgynous and hard edged style fascinated and still fascinate people. She has had some odd outfits that probably has had her on the worst dressed list more than others and what Lady Gaga does today Grace Jones did in her own way years ago.

And she dated Swedish actor Dolph Lundgren. Well, at that time he was her body guard and Grace Jones was his ticket into Hollywood. His first performance was a blinked and you missed it moment in her Bond movie, A View to a Kill. Her dress sense can be questionable at times but her taste in men is somewhat better.

A strong woman who has gone her own way and we like that!


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