söndag 22 januari 2012


Yesterday I watched a film I have watched some times before but never have grown tired off, Vatel, which apparently is based on a true story. Actors like Uma Thurman, Tim Roth and Gerard Depardieu take part in it, and the story takes place in 17th century France. Louis the XIV has more or less invited himself and his court to the palace of Prince de Condé. The king needs the prince to command his royal forces if there is to be a war with Holland. The prince on the other needs money from the king's coffers because he is penniless and in debt. To thoroughly seduce the king Prince de Condé leans on his master steward Vatel (Gerard Depardieu) to do his utmost when it comes to the food and the festivities. In the plot we also have the Queen's lady in waiting, Anne de Montasier (Uma Thurman), who falls for the commoner Vatel. The spectacles Vatel creates are sublime and even though the film ends on a sad note it is an experience of beauty from beginning to end.


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