söndag 14 augusti 2011

The Tantalizing Journeys of Love

Teddy, in the home where he belongs.

Love is different for all. There are as many interpretations of love as there are individuals roaming around on this planet. For some people it is just a word. Some say that they don't know what it is. For some it is the air they breathe.

I suppose nearly all of us has at one time or more met someone who turns out to be the last thing you think of before you are rocked to sleep and the first thing you think of when you wake up.

At one time I met a person who for inexplicable and unfathomable reasons I felt an immediate connection with and I fell like I had never fallen before. About two months later I was standing in a shop in Old Town in Stockholm and looked at a pile of teddy bears. They were all dressed in white sweaters with the word love in red embroidered on them. I thought about him, and that I would like to give him one of those teddy bears. I picked one and at the cashier there was one person ahead of me. As I waited I read the card hanging around its neck. Except the regular information it said that every teddy had a unique name and the one I had picked was called "Patrick, in love". I was stunned. The teddy had my name and it said in love. My whole body shuddered like I had been struck with a bolt of lightning. What were the odds that when I thought about him I would pick a teddy with my exact name and the words, in love?

He didn't get the teddy then. Years later teddy travelled in a box to where he belonged.

Love takes you on strange journeys sometimes and the ultimate question is always if you are ready to go along for the ride.


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