måndag 22 augusti 2011

Screen Godesses

Audrey Hepburn

They were loved by the camera, made up and lit to look like Godesses. Created by the old Hollywood system, shackled to contracts, preened and plucked, with their names changed to something more American and easily pronounced. They gained world fame, accolades and bags of money. Their look with their hair styles, their make-up and their way of dress influenced millions of women and still play a part in the fashions we see today.

Ava Gardner

Lana Turner

Grace Kelly

Greta Garbo

Ingrid Bergman

Beautiful girls with symmetrical faces flocked to Hollywood with the dream of being seen by millions on the silver screen. Naturally it was impossible for them all to succeed. Some had to go back to where they came from and others got stuck in bit parts in b-movies.

Signe Hasso

Not all actresses that got shipped from Sweden to the land of dreams reached the heights of Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman even if that had been the Studios' initial plan. Signe Hasso and Viveca Lindfors are two actresses that are just as beautiful as the ones who were and are hailed as Godesses. They starred in movies against Spencer Tracy, Errol Flynn and Cary Grant but in movies that haven't become the great classics. Because of their accents they were somewhat limited and they didn't want to play the Hollywood game, the game that had to be played to enhance the opportunities of becoming Godesses.

Viveca Lindfors


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