lördag 20 augusti 2011

The Many Faces of 2011 ... So Far ...

2011 has so far been an eventful year, a very eventful year, with good opportunities, meeting fascinating people, dropping some emotional baggage and going through some major personal growth. Pictures are a moment frozen in time and also a memory of what passed then. I have been called a chameleon, but in a sense so are we all. We are not exactly the same person from one picture to the next since we change as people, we evolve.

When you in the northern hemisphere you have to learn to love or at least learn to tolerate snow, cold and being bundled in layers of clothes.

A picture taken at a certain moment can end up in the most unlikely of places.

Having a meal and party with people you are fond off is an essential part of life.

Friendship and love are the most important things and my religion.

One needs to change hair colour sometimes.

Four legged friends are the best comfort in the moments of the greatest grief.

Fellow men are to be mesmerized,

We say that dogs give us unconditional love but they actually want one thing. They want to be loved.

One needs to see and experience new things, if for no other reasons than to find yourself and leave things behind.

A pair of cheap sunglasses can make all the difference.

And designer clothes will always be the best of treats.

To be chosen to be the guardian of a new life is mindblowing.

To escape to another world sometimes is necessary.

I have also been told that I'm a poser and that I'm bitchy. Naturally I'm a mix of light and dark, and sometimes one just lives up to the expectations set on you.

The rest of 2011 will be decidedly exciting.


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