måndag 26 mars 2012

Tiger of Sweden

Two examples of jackets from the spring collection of the brand Tiger of Sweden. I like the grey one for it's simplicity and it would go well with some wine red trosuers that i plan to buy. A bargain or an offence (depending on what you think) for £300.

I have been a total sucker for shades of purple for a while now. I like this jacket but there is one thing that sets me off. It's prized at £500 and has no proper lining. In my book, that doesn't fly.


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  1. The blue blazer is half lined, which is actually a more exclusive and expensive way to produce a blazer jacket. It takes more work to do a jacket half lined and it makes a lot of sense for warm summer days where this will be cool in both style and temperature.
    Thanks for great inspiration btw!