tisdag 13 mars 2012

James Bond - Style through the Decades

James Bond has been with us on the silver screen for decades. Through that time lots of things have changed. Women's position in society is different, and the Bond girl today is more take charge than the damsel in distress that she was in the early films. Even the role of the man has changed which can be seen through the films. Another thing that has evolved is technology and the people making the films can create things that were impossible way back when. But one thing that is quite similar throughout is the way James Bond dresses. It is always grey or dark and most people would probably find it hard to distinguish the suit that Sean Connery wears from the one Pierce Brosnan has. So little has happened with formal wear for men. The period for James Bond that sticks out is the 1970s. Roger Moore had frilly shirts, enormous bow ties and wide lapels. If nothing else it was at least a bit interesting. The one who wears the crown now is Daniel Craig and his body hugging suits are apreciated by many. They usually say that the suit makes the man. I want to change that and say that it is the man who makes the suit, because the personality, the charisma of a person can make or break an outfit.

Beautiful women (men, if you happen to be gay), lots of gadgets and toys, vodka martinis (shaken not stirred). What else could a man ask for?


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