söndag 31 juli 2011


"One has to dare sometimes." A ridicolous answer to a straight question (no pun intended).

For some reasons, usually the wrong ones, we let ourselves be treated in ways we wouldn't if we had a clear head. If you are treated like shit, being used and abused it is horrible of course but some responsibility falls on yourself. The only one who can let yourself be treated like yesterday's garbage is you. Not to say that the other part is blameless. Their way of behaving have everything to do with them and very little to do with you. And in the end a bastard is a bastard, just as well as a bitch is a bitch.

When you look yourself in the mirror are you able to see your strengths, yours weaknesses, your joys and your fears? We all have them even if we don't even have the courage to admit it to ourselves. If we have to learn something in life it is to accept the person that is staring back at us, warts and all. And not only to accept, but to love, love both the light and the dark side. If we can't love that person how in the hell are we going to be able to freely give love to other people?

Unfortunately in life we sometimes lose sight of who we are, lose sight of our goals and dreams to instead live the life someone else has decided to be the director of. When we do that we are in truth seriously lost. At the time when we are lying there pushing up daisies we have one single obligation. To have been true to ourselves, true to the force of love and to have loved freely and not be succumdeb to the fear of not opening our hearts.

Courage doesn't come cheap, and to live your life in somewhat the way you like it you need to be strong.


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