onsdag 20 juli 2011

Random Thoughts

Hard to imagine that concrete and bright lights in a shining city like New York can hold so much adventure, so much excitement and thrilling experiences but as so many times before I found my salvation in London.

Today I have been at a place I think can be considered to be one of the furthest cries from New York City. Small red houses with white details and large fields as far as the eye can see. In this aspect I'm fire and ice, a contradiction, since I love both the biggest cities just as well the wildest countryside. It is the things inbetween that I'm not so fond of.

I wouldn't say that the same person returned to Sweden in comparison to the one who left. I feel different and think differently. It's time for a new chapter. The goals I had set for myself years agoa have been fulfilled. Now I need new goals and they are already forming and brewing in my brain. I don't seek world fame or big heaps of money but if I succeed it will be known.

I'm happier than ever that I'm a creative person and that I know how to wield these talents to give me the biggest personal gratification and hopefully in the process entertain others in more ways than one.

The lily means "I dare you to love me."

What we believe in life is coloured and affected by the experiences we encounter in life. For some reasons I have been shown past lives. I have been a political writer in 17th century Holland and an noble woman in 18th century England. I have chosen to learn something from these experiences and have seen that the written word has been of great importance to me in all life times, just as well as that the same soul has been my love time and time again. That is in truth a bit scary.

You defiled my love and denied your own. No matter how you cut it Karma is a bitch and it will always find its goal and deliever what needs to be delievered.


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