tisdag 14 juni 2011

Victor & Rolf Fall Collection 2011

Victor & Rolf, this Dutch duo is spectacular and the boys really think outside the box. I find it hard to believe that anyone would think like these Dutchmen. Mindblowing shows and clothes that look like no other. That being said all of their positive traits don't always lead to an appealing result. When you take a look at the Victor & Rolf fall collection for 2011 the word beautiful doesn't really spring to mind. The clothes look like they were being made for a bad and low budgeted Sci-Fi movie. If you send out something on the catwalk that looks like a distant cousin to Star Trek you have reached deep waters and you have to pray to higher powers that you have the strength to tread water until you can get the customers onboard again. Quirky entails the large risk of ending up strange instead of elegant.


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