fredag 17 juni 2011


Branding seems to become more and more important. We rarely just buy a thing these days, we buy a brand and the values of just said brand. Even people are brands. Madonna and David Beckham to just mention two. Why do you think athletes and actresses are put in commercials? Because we look up to them and in a vain attempt we think that something of them will rub off on ourselves when we purchase the products they endorse. There is also a symbiosis between the product and the celebrity. The traits of the product "spills" over on to the celebrity and více versa.

Even us mere mortals can be said to be doing a bit of branding when we display our lives and our thoughts on Facebook or when we like me create a blog. I write here because I like it but it is also blatant marketing for myself, my knowledge of fashion and my skill as a writer. As I mentioned before a brand needs to contain values. Then what values should my own brand be infused with?

I think that most people would say that I'm nice but who wants that as a value. Nice is all well and good but not very sexy, and when push comes to shove we all want to be desirable. I have been said to be enigmatic and mysterious. I like the ring of that because who the hell wants to be like an open book. Other characteristics that I'm told by others that I have are bravery, drive and fearlessness. By some who are perhaps not that fond of me I'm called pushy and aggressive. As all other things in life it is down to perspective and the feelings you invoke in the people around you.

So the values of the brand Patrick could well be Brave, Enigmatic and Fearless.

But in the end, the cold, hard truth of who I really am is known only by me.


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