måndag 17 oktober 2011

Versace Spring 2012

According to Versace next spring will an absolute burst and explosion of colours. When it comes to the womenswear it feels like there is a Roman or we could just as easily say a Greccian touch. I'm sure they will work wonders at swanky parties around the Mediterranean and in Miami.

When we take a look at the menswear the signs of the 1980s are apparent. Shirts with bold prints, short jackets, and suit jackets with pulled up sleeves. Feels like we have dropped into an episode of Miami Vice. I'm a sucker for blue so I like the ensemble above, particularily the shoes.

The house of Versace has mixed all the colours with grey and black here and there. I like the combination of grey and light blue but I feel the print of the shirt is over the top.

And when you look at the row of buckles running down the sides of the pants it is just a bit too much but that is Vrsace, always a bit too much.


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