torsdag 29 november 2012

Berkhamsted Castle

When me and my partner/relative David decided to go on this adventure we decided on storytelling as a tool to seperate us from the rest. We made the decision to use the family tree. It is only collecting dust anyway. Way back in history we have one of our first known ancestors, William the Conqueror. As the Duke of Normandy he decided to invade England and succeeded in doing so in the famous battle at Hastings in 1066.

North of London is a place called Berkhamsted. Here there was a forification already in Saxon times but William started the new building in 1066. He later left the castle to his half-brother, Robert. Since 1337 Berkhamsted castle has been in the posession of the Duchy of Cornwall and the ruins that are left today are in the care of The English Heritage.

We thought about different names for our label of menswear and came to the conclusion that the name of our ancestor's old castle was nothing short of perfect.



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