måndag 2 april 2012

Lock & Co Hatters

It has been a killer weekend, and it has been a killer in that sense that my back has been killing me. The small of my back is stiff and it aches. Huge bummer and I need a massage. At least one can cheer oneself up a bit by looking at the things you can find on St James's Street in London. Tailored shirts, hand made shoes and why not hats? The shops of this street has been catering the nobility and the well to dos since the 18th century and it is a true marvel to visit this street even if you are not going to buy something. It is a well worth experience no matter if you just look in the windows or if you go from there stuffed with bags of goodies. One of the shops is James Lock & Co Hatters where you can buy hats for all the seasons and all the occasions. Why not top off your ensemble with an elegant hat like the one above? Or if you go for the more atention grabbing mode why not the hat that we all associate with Sherlock Holmes or why not a Smoking Cap? Guaranteed to get people to turn their heads.


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